Shop Haiti

Support the economy of Haiti! Many of these are not simply opportunities for shopping but also directly contributing to the livelihoods of Haitian artisans.

Apparent Project
Haitian Creations 

Ayiti Natives
Paula Coles
3 Cords
Vi Bella

If you are actually visiting Port-au-Prince, I can tell you the physical locations of these places, which will include higher variety and possibly cheaper prices than online. I also have another shopping source or two who don't currently have websites. Email me at


  1. I leave in 4 weeks for Haiti (again- I have been twice already) for 10 weeks. Can you send me the info on these. I know about the apparent project but not familiar with the others

  2. I will be back in Haiti in 4 weeks for 10 weeks. This is my third trip. I am familiar with the apparent project but not the others.




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