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Summer 2013 Update
After our fourth school year in Haiti, we have moved home to Dallas.
What will you do now? Be with friends and family, keep loving on teenagers, put down roots.
Do you have jobs? Katie will be teaching 9th grade English in a large public high school. Ben will be teaching 8th grade US history at a public junior high in that same district. You'll also find him on the sidelines coaching football and basketball.

Haiti Basics
We lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Job: high school teachers at Quisqueya Christian School
Grew up in Dallas
Met in junior high
Moved to Haiti in winter 2009

Ben taught: history, government, psychology, Haitian history
Ben's extras: assistant bball coach, National Honor Society sponsor, discipleship group leader

Katie taught: English, senior transitions (12th grade life skills), reading, world cultures, speech, theater, advanced literature
Katie's extras: student activities coordinator, high school trip to Washington, D.C., discipleship group leader

About Quisqueya
Pronounced "kiss KAY uh"
300 kids pre-K through 12th
About 20% missionary kids, 80% Haitians
American-style school calendar
International, interdenominational Christian private school
How did we find Quisqueya?
We lived with about 20 other teachers in on-campus apartments.
Where did you get money? The school pays a stipend, which provides about 60% of our income. We raise support to cover the other 40%. We raised support through Paypal.
Do you speak Kreyol? Yes-ish. Like a 2nd grader.
Want to see my classroom at Quisqueya? Click here.

Our Vision
Quisqueya is one of only two large English-speaking schools in Haiti. Our kids are not in tent cities. They're not hungry. They are often like middle-class American kids, but in Haiti. Their parents are among the leaders of Haiti: pastors, government officials, professionals, and small business owners.

This was my dream: If the future leaders of Haiti love others like Jesus, and are intellectually equipped for leadership and excellence in every profession, then through God's grace one day my students will lead Haiti into a brighter tomorrow.


TeacHaiti is an educational sponsorship program for the poorest of the poor in Haiti, who can not afford to pay for any school at all. Many suffer hunger. Our friend Miquette McMahon is the Quisqueya school nurse, but is also the founder and director of TeacHaiti; she is how we got connected to TeacHaiti.

As of 2013, the TeacHaiti program has about 300 kids who are sponsored by Americans ($350 a year) and receive tuition, books, uniforms, lunch, doctor visits, books, and more. Of the 300, around 75  attend the TeacHaiti School of Hope, which was founded using special donations following the earthquake. To attend the TeacHaiti School of Hope, you must be in grades pre-K through 6 and live close to the school (which was right down the road from us). The TeacHaiti School of Hope is remarkable: it offers a computer lab, French and English classes, and a Saturday art program. Miquette loves that she can control the quality of education and nutrition there because she runs the school. Her dream is to open more schools one day when fundraising allows.

We like to point people toward TeacHaiti because it is cycle-breaking and empowering, not just a handout. We trust this program. We visited it regularly; we know these sponsored kids. To become a sponsor, go here


  1. I'm sorry but I would really like to know what you mean by "there are virtually zero public schools in Haiti".

  2. Clement, there are just a handful of public schools around for the millions of children. In the experience of my Haitian adult friends who grew up poor, there was no hope of getting into one of the rare public schools without connections. Those friends' families scraped by to try to get their kids into a private school at least a few months a year because they had no practical hope of attending a public one. In three years here, I've only seen one public school in a city of 3 million plus people.

  3. Ben and Katie:

    Hi! We are Steve and Pam ( or ( and we would like to 'chat' with you guys about your time in Haiti as we are considering moving there. We are currently serving in Malaysia.

    Could you drop us a line?





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