Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strippers, Adoption, and My New Heroes

 About a month ago a woman who dances at a gentleman's club in Waco walked into an adoption agency and asked to discuss placing her very sick two-week-old son. Unusually, she asked for a couple by name.

My friend Christina was that woman.

How did that happen? Well, several years back Christina worked for an organization in Waco called Jesus Said Love. I'm obsessed with this organization. Basically, teams of women go into strip clubs and deliver goodie baskets to the women in their dressing rooms. The JSL ladies sit in the dressing room and just talk to the strippers. "How are you today?" They just talk, take prayer requests, look through the goodie baskets, and basically begin relationships. No strings, no purchase required.

The Jesus Said Love ladies do this because they worship Jesus, and he always made a special effort to go out of his way and love on marginalized ladies. Looked-down-upon ladies, from groups of ill repute.

Anyway, Christina used to go and give gifts to strippers, and pray for them.

Then, several years later, when one of those dancers delivered a baby boy with severe health complications, she needed a person not only with more resources, but also someone she could trust, someone she knew was full of love. Who came to mind? Her old friend friend Christina- the one who wore a shirt that said "Jesus Loves Strippers".

Now Christina and her husband Brett have adopted that little boy, baby Owen.

They need prayer and a bunch of money. In addition to the adoption fees, they are dealing with the immediate emergency of a malformed blood vessel tangle near his liver. This strain on his tiny, 6-pound body will likely cause heart failure eventually. He's been in the hospital for weeks near Waco, and is now in a pediatric ICU in Dallas. Christina and Brett have two other kids, one of whom also has a lasting and serious health problem.

After that blood vessel tangle, there are issues to tackle later, including prenatal exposure to drugs that may cause developmental problems.

Christina and her husband Brett are my heroes. Please check out her blog here.
Owen looking at his new family from the PICU
To learn more about Jesus Said Love, go to Their ministry now extends to now only strippers, but truckers as well, and they operate in Waco, Dallas, Bryan/College Station, and San Antonio. They need volunteers, not just for loving on women in clubs, but also for people to pack goodie bags and pray. They also need male volunteers to act as drivers, and the men often build relationships with club bouncers and managers while the ladies are in the dressing rooms.

To shop at the Jesus Said Love store, go to The Love Store. You can even buy the Jesus Loves Strippers shirt shown above!

To read more about Brett and Christina, go to

If you're interested in helping Brett and Christina, email me at and I'll tell you where to mail a check.


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  1. I am so glad you told this story. This is why we love first. - Gretchen



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