Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shop Haiti

Hey friends,

We just wrote a new page on our blog called "Shop Haiti".

You probably knew there were crafty little organizations that train Haitian artisans (mostly very impoverished single moms) to make cute stuff that is marketed to Americans.

However, did you know several of these groups are rather big time and have really moved their product quality to an impressively high level?

Did you notice, perhaps, that in the picture above Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is wearing a necklace produced just down the street from my Haiti apartment? Did you further know that the advertisement featuring said Victoria's Secret model is from Donna Karen, who carries a whole line of Haitian-made accessories at her swanky Urban Zen stores?

If you don't know, now you know.

(I applaud those of you who just caught the Notorious BIG reference.)

At our Shop Haiti page we're highlighting a few of our favorite places to snag 100% pure Haitian coconut oil, home decor made from cow horn, and of course a bevy of jewelry.

You can find Shop Haiti here, or you can click the Shop Haiti tab on the top left of our blog.

Speaking of which, I made us a new banner.... Ben and Katie after Haiti. We'll still be blogging as we re-enter life in America, which has so far consisted of running ourselves ragged taking care of sexy, exotic tasks like getting fingerprinted for teaching licenses and replacing dead car batteries.

We are celebrating three big blessings this week, which are
1) I got a teaching job,
2) We have a house straight from God, and
3) Ben's best friend just became a daddy!
Five pounds of awesome
Baby Micah entered the world last Saturday, and meeting him was at the top of the priority list. He is a teeny little guy, and both mom and baby are doing quite well, no doubt largely due to our bringing fajitas by last night.

As for the house, for six months we are living in a parsonage next door to a church in Plano, Texas, just ten minutes north of my parents and my new school. It's adorable, fully furnished, and a huge blessing from God as a "landing pad" for us in this transition.

My new job will actually be at a familiar place- the high school I attended! I'll be teaching reading to likely 10th and 11th graders, which will be an incredible opportunity to have exactly the blend I wanted: a disadvantaged population and a strong, thriving school. I spent the morning with the outgoing reading teacher yesterday, and my heart leaped to hear her say things like, "relationships are the key component in getting this group of kids engaged" and "you have to be an advocate for them".

Thank you, Jesus.

So go shop Haiti!


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