Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodnight, Haiti

Goodnight, Ackermans, our faithful and dear friends. Many hours at Karibe felt like lunches in a treehouse. Thank you for your mountain air, your casseroles, and your wisdom time and time again. Thank you for loving Haiti since the year I was born. You have survived coups, embargoes, riots, and more, yet you never stop loving on Haiti's youngest and sickest.
Staff dinner
 Goodnight, basketball team. You three coaches have poured thousands of hours into teenage boys in the hottest heat of Caribbean afternoons. You taught them to win, and you taught them to lose. No opponent had better manners, grace, or character.
Eagles coaches
 Goodnight, students. You make me crazy, and I love you to death. Reading your writing is an honor, and a chore, and an honor again. To the next English teacher: I swear I taught them about run-ons.
Farewell pizza party thrown by secondary parents
 Goodnight, Quisqueya parents.
We love our QCS parents!
Farewell party
 Goodnight, discipleship group girls. You are incredibly beautiful and strong women. We shared secrets, Valerie's candy, and many laughs. We listened to worship music, prayed for each other's families, and used up a million Crayola markers.

At graduation I told you all the same thing:
1) You look beautiful, but I wish I could add six inches to your dress.
2) Please send me notes on Facebook and tell me about your college applications.
3) Please send me your English papers if you ever need help!
4) I love you very, very, very much!
Farewell party
Goodnight, Valedictorian! Be blessed in Washington, DC.
 Goodnight, future Texan! Remember we're only a few hours away if you need us. You already know you're invited to our house for Thanksgiving.
Goodnight, basketball boys. Remember what your coaches say: victories are won in the offseason. Oh, and from me: please read a book this summer, too.
 Goodnight, gorgeous island.
Graduation at Montana Hotel

 Goodnight, Angus family. I thought we were attending a big graduation party at your house, but it turned out to just be your family. I was honored beyond words! I love your two beautiful girls and will try my hardest, as I promised, to convince the younger one to go to Baylor. I love that you love Texas, too! You've made us part of your family in Haiti, and I will be forever grateful.
Graduation party
Graduation party
Two more sleeps in Haiti.







  1. I am crying! You are such an inspiration to so many people, including me!
    Best wishes, and come see us in CA!



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