Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baller, Shot Caller

It's basketball playoff time around here.

Last week, our boys were psyched and ready for a tough game. It was Saturday, so many players' parents were able to attend the game who had never come before. One boy's missionary parents had brought their entire family and staff down the mountain to cheer him on.

Then the league director dropped the news. After being extremely late to turn in the paperwork certifying his players' ages, the coach of Quisqueya's rival team had doctored the documents. That coach intended to hide the fact that all season he had been playing kids over the age limit. An embarrassingly bad cut-and-paste job (the third world version of Photoshopping?) led him to be discovered easily. The league director disqualified that team from the playoffs. Nobody was coming to play Quisqueya.

All dressed up, no one to ball with.

What's a team to do?

Well- suit up the fans, of course!
 Our coach, Art, decided to throw together a ragtag team to play against the high school boys. He suited up all three Quisqueya coaches, plus a few alumni and assorted family members.

Ben made his high school sports debut approximately 10 years after graduating. I think he secretly loved it.
 Two of the blans above actually attended Quisqueya and were ballers back in their high school days. They were a little too excited to put on their old jerseys again, especially when they could locate their old numbers.....

 Our coach (Art, in black) played against our star player (Josue, in white). It was quite amusing.

 Please note the presence of both a Baby Boomer dad and a blue-mohawked 12-year-old on the adults' team. Both held their own quite nicely.
A fun day!


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