Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DC 2013! Part Two

To continue from part one, we also visited the Library of Congress with a dozen Haitian ducklings in tow.
Ben adopted what he called the "sorority pose".

An iconic building, a freezing day.
I  waited sneakily by the entrance to the Rotunda to capture this next one. I've always loved the faces of my students as they first walk into this enormous room, eyes immediately skyward. I got LD just as the "wow" was forming.
After the government buildings we made out way to my favorite meal of the trip, where we introduce our kids to the best food ever made: Tex-Mex.

This year, an adventurous eater ordered seafood fajitas. Unbeknownst to her, this came with a least one teeny octopus! Mr. K disgusted everyone by popping it straight off her fork and into his mouth.
Next, the zoo.
John Ackerman, this photo is for you.
This is the closest I've ever seen the pandas!

Last but not least, part three coming tomorrow!


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