Monday, April 22, 2013

DC 2013! Part One

Another Easter, another trip to Washington, DC!

This was our third year to take students to DC, and luckily we both departed and returned with 11 kids from the 10th and 11th grades. This group included two younger siblings of former DC participants, three missionary kids, and one member of my discipleship group.
The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I love the line etched into the side of the large marble tomb: "unknown but to God".
There was a funeral taking place at Arlington Cemetery while we visited. This is the riderless horse, representing the one who was lost.
As always, we tramped around all over the city Metro lines. Transporting ourselves via Metro is significantly cheaper, and yet significantly harder, than renting a bus. Keeping the trip cost down was a top priority our first year, and then after that I'm convinced this is better, too. The kids have fun "surfing the subway" and people-watching. They also get experience as they read the maps and figure out how many stops are left. Many QCS kids go to college in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Canadian cities with subways, so I think it's a great life skill to gain.
It's also illuminating to see my students' "America fashion" since I basically only ever see them in school uniforms.
We visited a Haitian art exhibit at the Museum of the Americas. It was teeny, but very interesting to me. The kids were decidedly not impressed.
LD discovering the Vietnam Wall. There was a group of veterans being wheeled by in wheelchairs at the exact time we were viewing the memorial. It was moving to see those men, speaking with the guides about which planes and unit they had been with.
My 11th graders memorize and perform the "Gettysburg Address" in American Literature. It's always special to me to see them asking to take pictures in front of it, because my assignment made them focus on those words- and now the words are special to them as well.

I watched Lincoln with Ben last night, and as I heard the words of both this speech and his second inaugural, I understood and agreed again with their placement inside the Lincoln Monument. They are so special, so dear, so central to American values.
Steps of the Lincoln Monument
A little PicStitch of the silly hats we encountered at the trucks-turned-vendors along the Mall.
Best of all, my mom got to join us again! I love having her come to DC, not only because she can hang out with me but also so she can meet my kids and understand more of what I do.

If you've met my father (or viewed a far-right Facebook status of his), you understand why it was hilarious that Mom and I discussed purchasing this souvenir for him at a Smithsonian gift shop.
At the World War II Memorial, some of my ladies celebrated women's contributions to the war effort.
Stay tuned for part two!



  1. I wish we had bought Randy that shirt. And one for my Dad. The laughs would have increased the more irritated they were.

  2. Well I was going to ask if your mom bought the shirt. Your dad SOOOOO needs it. But I can see by B's comment that you didn't. Darn.



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