Sunday, March 17, 2013

Haitian Creations

Recently I met Chandler, who now runs Haitian Creations. This is her boutique!
I want those displays.
 And this is me and Chandler!
Outside the Haitian Creations boutique and workshop
Haitian Creations is one of the many ministries of Heartline. Under Chandler's leadership, a group of Haitian mothers create all these beautiful accessories. Everything you buy came from their hands. The ladies' incomes allow them to raise their children with the proper nutrition, education, and safe homes the mothers always wanted to provide, but never could before.

 Chandler's husband, Josh, built all the white display boxes and was putting the finishing touches on this cute chevron checkout counter.
 In addition to her own Haitian Creations products, this boutique is selling soap, jewelry, body oil, and t-shirts from Apparent Project, Child Hope, and Ayiti Natives, three similar programs providing life change through employment.

Here are some pictures of the workshop area.
 How does one run a cloth handbag workshop in a country with spotty electricity? Old skool non electric sewing machines, that's how.

 Signature cloth beads.
 Chandler's office.

 One of the ladies gave Chandler this straw hat as a gift :)
Chandler's desk.

Classic Haiti ("deep woods" spray) + boss (legal pad) + artsy person (stitch samples).

I was on this side of Port-au-Prince because I wanted so badly to visit this shop. I sent an email to our school staff and rounded up two carfuls for a girls' outing. We all wished we'd brought more cash.

And, if you live in Haiti, you can come too! The boutique grand opening event is this Saturday, March 23rd in the Tabarre neighborhood of Port-au-Prince.

Their website is one of Chandler's major upcoming projects. You better believe I'll be giving you the link when all these cute new items hit their redesigned site.

I am proud of you, Chandler and Heartline!



  1. My new favorite shop! I hope they will deliver to the UK when the online shop is up! xo

  2. I just attended a home party for Haitian Creations here in the States and it was so fun!

  3. I had been thinking that the newest creations were looking awfully stylish and CUTE!!! No wonder! She has a great eye! I have hosted purse parties for the past few years. Can't wait to host one this spring and get some of those great necklaces!



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