Saturday, March 23, 2013


Photo by Matpar Haiti, a paint company.

A very bittersweet announcement.

Basically since the day after the earthquake, there's been a question somewhere between "the forefront" and "the back burner" of our minds: when should we leave Haiti? We have been on one-year contracts, so each year in the early spring we've tried to finalize our decision for the following school year. 

Ben and I have decided to move back to America for the foreseeable future on June 4, right after we finish the school year.  We’re going to put down deeper roots in Dallas, make up for lost time with our families, and think toward having kids.

We definitely feel like God wants us to continue teaching high school. It really fits our gifts and we love it (most days!).

The way we feel about it is that we’re undergoing a missionary transfer, not a missionary retirement.  We want to figure out a way to live missionally  from Dallas. We feel peace about leaving, really excited to be with our loved ones, and yet also a lot of grief about leaving “our kids” here. We’ve spent 3.5 years and thousands of hours with this same group of about 100 kids and 30 teachers, so there is a very strong pain in saying goodbye.

We don’t have jobs lined up yet for the fall. But, one big blessing was finding out recently that we will be able to live in a little parsonage/mission house owned by a church in Plano. It kind of came out of nowhere and we were shocked at the offer. Spending six months or so there will be an easy place to land (it’s furnished!) and we will get to live together without any roommates or shared walls for the first time in 4.5 years of marriage!

A special note for those who pay our support. You guys have made these years in Haiti possible.  Being vulnerable to living on partial support scared me so badly, I initially rejected even the possibility of doing it. But it’s increased my faith and my generosity to see you guys be so faithful and generous. After talking to other ex-pats who work for mission organizations, we see that the standard is to ask for our support to continue for three months after we return, so that would be June, July, and August. We would like to humbly ask for our support to continue until August as a bridge until we begin receiving income for teaching jobs

Also, we are in the midst of job-hunting for high school positions in north Dallas. If you happen to have a connection in that field, we would be very happy to hear about it.

We love you guys a lot! To God be all the glory.

Ben and Katie



  2. Wow, big decision. So happy to hear you're returning to the states. I'm sure lots of your family and friends (including Chrissy and Peyton) are excited about this. Keep us informed as I know that many of us will be happy to help stock your soon to be filled classroom bookshelves. God bless the remainder of your time in Haiti and thanks for all the lives you've changed while there. May God grant you the desires of your heart as you prepare for a growing family and a job doing what you are clearly gifted to be doing.



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