Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day at the Beach

This week was Ben's birthday and Valentine's, so we piled in the old Jin Bei van and drove two hours to Indigo beach hotel on the coast of Haiti.

As you can see, Jefe really hated being there.
Don't ever tell me dogs can't smile
My two pals Amber and Jill both adopted puppies this past week, so Jefe got to revel in puppy play time on the beach, his favorite place. He dug to his little puppy heart's delight.
Dear Haiti friends. These ladies all live on campus with me and Ben, and they are also my coworkers at Quisqueya. We all make it because of each other!
 What a beautiful place. It used to be a Club Med, back when Haiti had more successful tourism. The beach is so lovely. The food is average. The rooms are bad. But it's a major treat for us, and the last two days were very relaxing.

In other news, in the past two weeks we had two big events. Ben went to the Dominican Republic for five days with the Quisqueya basketball team, and I hosted our friends the Westbrooks for a week. Ben and the team won every game they played, including a tournament against the best high school boys' teams in the DR. My friends the Westbrooks came down because Michael was running an ultramarathon- 75 miles through Haiti's most beautiful and difficult terrain. He brought his wife Loree and his three girls along to experience it, too. Pictures to follow.

Hey, do you know anybody who might be a good fit for teaching at Quisqueya? We are hiring in pretty much every subject area, at every age level. Let me know if you're interested!


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