Saturday, February 2, 2013

High School Campout, Plus I Started Driving Here

This year I'm the student activities coordinator, and that includes sponsoring the student council. One of the Quisqueya traditions is the high school campout, which is an overnight lock-in on campus that typically involves midnight soccer, flag football, capture the flag, karaoke, movies, a wee bonfire, and s'mores.

Did I mention the word "overnight"?

We had 30 kids, which is a third of the high school, and I was pleased with that. It was a great group- such fun kids with great attitudes. The only cost of admission is a can of chicken noodle soup, which gets tossed in with the others for a giant hot meal around 10 pm.

Six teachers volunteered to chaperone from 6 pm to midnight, and another five volunteered from midnight to 7 am. My amazing and supportive husband volunteered for the second shift. My hero!

The first hour involved a Haitian card game called Kazino (sp?) and another called President. Then the kids played on the field for another two hours or so, with a steady stream of teenie pop blaring from the speakers. Taylor Swift, Pitch Perfect soundtrack, Justin Bieber, One Direction... followed by some good ol' Haitian kompa.
Then out of nowhere the temperature dropped considerably, and ten minutes later we felt the first drops. A sprinkle turned into a downpour within minutes. Soaking rain, like only a tropical climate can produce, made everybody grab the sleeping bags and sprint for the chapel. Taylor Swift karaoke, anybody?!
Good clean fun. 

It reminded me of so many Young Life and youth group activities growing up. Especially with this being Disciple Now weekend for many of my people back home, I just felt nostalgic and pleased and grateful for all that was poured into me as a teen.

In other news...

After three years and three weeks of living in Haiti, I drove today for the first time.

On Monday our friends Michael and Loree are coming in to stay for a week. They want to be busy and really get their hands dirty by helping as much as they can. Ben is going to be unavailable to drive for a few days due to coaching basketball, so we either needed to hire a driver or I needed to bite the bullet and just do it.

I'm cheap. Result? I drove.

The first lesson was just turning on the car, since apparently our janky trucks require 20 seconds of priming before the starter will turn over. You have to jam in a button and count your Mississippis. The next lesson was that the doors won't lock unless you're pulling the handle while shutting the door...

I drove to all four places I want to take Michael and Loree, and Ben was a great coach. You have to spend way more time looking for pedestrians in your mirrors, plus you have motos zipping by on either side. You have to drive wherever the potholes are the least deep, which might be on the other side of the road. And due to the unpaved roads and heavy rain last night, the road could and probably will look different next week.

Of course there are no lanes. No street signs. Only one stoplight in the whole neighborhood. No street names- it's just "turn at the Lecole Delmas sign" or "remember to turn by the brick wall that is jagged and looks like teeth". My favorite is that Ben and I know an entire intersection by the fact that there is a beauty salon there with a painting of a woman on the front wall... the ugliest painted face possibly ever created by mankind. Thus, the Ugly Face Intersection.

I did great! I felt exhilarated. Free. I could get to the vet, to the grocery store, and to the nearest hospital if need be.


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  1. Are you from New York, or are you just crazy?



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