Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twa Anne

 The earthquake in Haiti was a tragedy that surpasses words. Calling it horrible sounds trite. It is horrible when someone has cancer. It is a tragedy when someone dies in a car wreck. However, when over 250,000 people die... language is insufficient to communicate.

But we try. Knowing this story needs to be told and retold.
Today is a special day. Today I am extra aware of the fact that I am alive, and have been alive for the past three years. Today, I try and do what I should do everyday- not take anything, especially the breath in my lungs, or Katie's touch, for granted.

Three years ago today, at close to 5 pm there was an earthquake. And everything changed. You could refresh your memory if you want to deal with the stress-influenced prose here.

Here is story I have not told. The weekend before the quake the Cowboys won their first playoff game in over a decade. I got to watch the game with some new friends and I thought two things that night. First, the guy we were hanging out with, Art McMahon, was cool. Real cool. Second, I was so happy that the Cowboys won. I told Katie the next day that I don't remember being so happy in a long time. The Cowboys were going to be good! I said something to the effect of, "Last night was one of the greatest nights I can remember!"

 I cringe at typing out that memory. How vapid and shallow, being so happy at a stupid game by a stupid team. It was so meaningless, but at the time I thought it was something great. I hold on to that memory and chastise myself every time I think about it because it reminds me of how foolish I was and how I hope I have matured just a little since, and because of the quake.

I do not understand everything that has happened. I have stopped being a person who asks "Why?" about anything. But I am grateful that my sovereign God led me to Haiti before January 10th. I am so thankful He watches over Katie and I during our time here. I am so appreciative of the people I get to work with here. And finally, I have such deep admiration for the people of Haiti. They possess an unbreakable spirit. They deserve such a better lot in life than they have. They teach me what perseverance looks like.

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