Saturday, December 15, 2012

In the minutia

As we were closing another day in Haiti and getting ready to go to bed Katie said, "Feed me! Feed me, Seymour!" I was really worried. Either somebody named Seymour and I were going to need to talk, mano-e-mano. Or Katie has been watching Little Shop of Horrors again. She gets crazy when she does that. Just kidding.

What Katie actually said was, "We have let our blog die." I wanted to deny it, but she was right. So I just stammered and threw, more like gently tossed, our Chihuahua at her.

She is right. But there are some perfectly explainable reasons.
1. We are boring. We lead ordinary lives. Grinding out tests and lessons and last time I checked writing about how unintelligent some of your students are is best done anonymously, here.
2. Our best laid plans often go awry. We were going to spend Thanksgiving in the Pine Forest of Haiti. Bundled up for warmth at 5,000 feet, hiking and being in a place that is not a concrete labyrinth and a cacophony of horns and terrible kompa music. But it was not to be. The river we needed to cross was swollen and impassible. We had a nice 7 hour car ride to end up back at our homes, exhausted, smelling like diesel fuel and needing a nap.

We are just in the  minutia of life. It is not glamorous, or fun, or interesting. Trust me I am living it and while I do not want to do anything else, I certainly do not think you need to know about it.

We will try and do better. Starting tomorrow.


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  1. many bloggers do not lead glamorous lives but others still care... God bless you!



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