Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Haiti: Street View

Last week we took little Jefe to the vet. He loves his little doggie carrier, but he does not love the vomit-inducing start-stop traffic.

As I ride through Port-au-Prince I frequently think that I wish I could capture what I'm seeing and show it to you guys. So today, I made a point to bring along my camera and show you the street life on an everyday Saturday.
No air, no radio, no power windows. Will the doors lock today? Who knows!
One of two stoplights on upper Delmas. Purely decorative, of course.
Saturday is a big market day for the marchan ladies. Notice the ever-flowing pile of nast-stank-water.
Rubble from a collapsed parking garage. Three years later, still there.
Local driving school and cyber cafe.
A major intersection connecting Delmas and Delmas 60.
The yellow shirts indicate a charitable program that puts people to work by hiring them for labor projects, typically cleaning the streets. The trash pile, the worn-out political flyers on the walls, and the moto taxi are all standard fare for Port-au-Prince streets.
I try my best to read graffiti, mostly to practice Kreyol but also to see what's going on with the pep la, the people. This is a pro-Martelly tag. Martelly is the current president.
Buy your mattress off the street!!
No plans this weekend? Head to CLUB SHINY.
A very major three-way intersection where Port-au-Prince blends into Petionville, the nicest suburb.
Booksellers at the major intersection.
Moto taxis wait for customers under a sign advertising the Irish Village, a new building with shops and a real Irish pub.
Market ladies selling produce. Please notice the bird on the top left... is that a turkey? The marchan ladies wear aprons to keep their cash.
Need a chicken for dinner?!
Finally, we arrive at the vet. Our vet is a Dominican young woman who speaks French, Kreyol, Spanish, and English. We love her.
The vet was not present, so we saw two other guys. Neither spoke English, so we had to try to get through the visit in Kreyol. Pantomime was a key skill, but we got through it ok. They checked out Jefe's ears and a back leg he was walking on weirdly.

Jefe, unhappy. They took him in a back room to cut his toenails with a machine, and we could hear him howling like he was in a Soviet gulag. He got special treatment for the rest of the day, including some chicken.

Just another day in the life in this beautiful, ugly city.



  1. I find this to be very beautiful. It is hard to be in a place where so much needs fixing and not a lot of resources; but the beauty, the colour, the way those woman keep at it every day, at market, amidst all the struggle - this is beautiful and gives courage. Thanks for showing this to us!

  2. I just love these pics...You have captured the essence well. Just got back from Haiti and already miss it and the amazing people there...



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