Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas at Quisqueya

Welcome back! It's been a month- the longest break ever on our blog.

It's Christmastime at Quisqueya! We emerged from chapel on Wednesday morning to find the hallways decorated with lights and garlands- such a treat from a handful of seniors.
 Yesterday was the last discipleship group meeting of the semester. Here are my little chickens. I love them. Five are the same from last year, with three new ones. They're all juniors except one senior. I could look at this picture all day.
 To celebrate the final discipleship, Valerie did what Valerie always does- she bakes! Those who are lucky enough to be Val's best friends and/or discipleship group members get to benefit from the bounty of her Pinterest habit.
 Christmas comes to Haiti! Since it's currently 78 degrees and balmy, we have to do our best.
Saying goodbye for the holidays. I had a big talk with the girls before they left. In Haiti there are huge parties every night during Christmas break. There is no drinking age. There are no speed limits. The last two years, we have woken up on New Year's Day to hear that one of our former students had been killed in alcohol-related car accidents.

It's weird, because in America you spend so much energy trying to help teens make the decision not to drink until age 21, but in Haiti I hear myself telling 14-year-old freshmen to please try to space water between their cocktails.

Let me tell you what we've been doing lately. Praying. There have been several family crises in my circle of students that I'm close to, including two life-and-death situations. Also, we're begging God for clear, explicit direction for our future. I have requested an itemized heavenly to-do list, but thus far it is not forthcoming.

Two weeks ago I stupidly assigned six class sets of papers to be due on one day. I dug myself out of that for about ten days.

Yesterday I taught the senior class to waltz, as our traditional last day of Senior Transitions class before the exam.

A few weeks ago we found out about a Haitian student within our circle of friends who needed a laptop to continue high school. This was a very poor family, not one of our QCS students. That very week somebody made an extra gift to us, so we got to buy the laptop. Now to set it up in French...

Our toilet broke. Then we got a brand new one, and it was the happiest day of my life.

Yesterday Madame Meristel told me that her "tet kay" was finished, which means the head of her house. Her ROOF! I hope to get a picture of that soon.

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