Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thorns and Roses

I once heard that each evening at dinner the Obama family shares "Thorns and Roses", the high and low points of their days. I'll share mine with you and ask for prayer.

First, two praises. When Ben halfway cut off his finger, the ambulance company was out of our insurance network. We applied for a waiver based on our income, and today we heard that we were approved! So they are waiving our entire balance, which was $2,000. That's a huge relief and a big provision. Thank you, God.

Second praise. A 12th grade student I am very close to applied for a huge, very selective scholarship a month ago. It has the potential to pay for most of college, and this would be an incredible boon for her family, especially since losing her father in the earthquake almost three years ago. Today, she found out that she has won it!

Prayer request. Our neighbor and coworker Jean has been extremely sick the last few days. Today she went to the hospital, and blood work revealed that she has both typhoid and dengue fever. Dengue is like malaria, but with the added treat of terrible bone pain- it is sometimes called "the bone crushing disease". Poor, poor, Jean. She is here with her wonderful husband and will be well-tended, but both illnesses just have to run their course. Please pray for Jean.

Love yall.


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