Friday, October 12, 2012

My Day at TeacHaiti

Our vision is that Haiti needs transformation in all areas- top to bottom. Often you hear about Haiti's poverty, and the great work people are doing with impoverished people. Awesome work is done at Heartline, the Apparent Project and more places than I could possibly link to.

Friday I got to do this with my Sophomore class. TeacHaiti is their adopted ministry for the year. Once a month we go read with their students, play games, and just hang out. The most fun part is seeing my students in a new environment. Some who are academically weak show great leadership abilities in planning the day, or are amazing with kids.
The students of TeacHaiti are not read to at home. Busy parents, lack of education, lack of money for books at home... there are a lot of causes, but it does not happen. So the main thing we do is read with the kids. Most of the time we read in French, but if the students' English is good enough we will read in English.
Cassandra reads to the little guys
My favorite picture is this one below of my student Hans reading to kids. I later told Hans that he cannot begin to understand how important it is for these kids to see a young man reading. Hans is a stud in the making.
Excited audience
We also play with the kids. Soccer, relay races, red light green light...
Filling cups of water in a relay race
Gettin' her relay race on
My students also wanted to be creative with the TeacHaiti students.
Decorating a Haitian flag
Most adorable child ever.
I'm sweaty and I know it
I get to enjoy this even more because my little buddy, Sarah, is now in 1st grade at the TeacHaiti school. She is growing so much! And getting sassy!

(If you don't know who Sarah is, please click the "Sarah label" in the righthand column. We have known this girl since the day of the earthquake, and we now sponsor her through TeacHaiti.)
Sarah smiling shyly at me
I asked a new Quisqueya student what she liked about today and she was gushing about everything. She exclaimed that she had never seen or done anything like this before. Now, I love TeacHaiti. They will be written into my will. But, this student just played a relay race with kids on a concrete surface 20 feet long. She had never done anything like it? The separation between social classes is huge here. We are trying to break it down. And have a blast doing it.
My first grade buddies


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