Monday, October 1, 2012

Money. Sigh.

Well, this is a blog post I didn't want to write. We have not had to say these things once since we landed in Port-au-Prince almost 3 years ago.  Since our personal support has always been solid, we have been able to raise money for other things.

A few things have changed recently. We have lost a handful of monthly donors over the past six months, including our very largest donor.

At this point we are coming up about $300 short each month. We had been transferring money our of some back-up savings to cover that monthly deficit...

...but then we hand an emergency finger-severing incident and that put a big dent on our emergency savings. Also our rent went up.

Because of this, we need to rebuild our personal support. Would anybody like to join in and become a monthly giver to our work in Haiti?

You can do it by using Paypal on the right side of this blog. You can type whatever number you'd like in the white box. You can give once, or set up a monthly gift (that is preferred, for budgeting purposes). 

Please feel free to forward this along to your missions-minded friends. If you'd like to introduce anyone to our work, refer them to the "frequently asked questions" tab above.

And if you do decide to give, here is what your money facilitates:

We live in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and shepherd a flock of about 100 high school students at Quisqueya Christian School. We are their teachers, and also like youth workers. We disciple them formally, in weekly small groups, but also informally, in a million tiny moments walking to class, standing in the lunch line, or hanging around after school. Our students are largely nominally Christian, but frequently we overhear "aha" moments where they realize, for the first time, something like, "God loves me even if I still make mistakes?" They need the gospel, and continued discipleship, desperately (just like everyone else). There are not active youth groups or Sunday schools here like we enjoy in the States.

If you have specific questions, email us at
Ben (10th grade sponsor) with the 10th grade class officers
Me and my discipleship girls at prom
Me and my discipleship girls before the basketball championship
Discipleship girls at the beach
Ben and one of his players after the basketball championship
We do our best to be good stewards of the money given to us. We believe that budgets are moral documents.

Thank you so much.


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