Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meristel Roof Construction Begins

JOY! You guys donated over $1,500 for Madame Meristel, her husband, and their five kids to get a new roof after theirs was destroyed in Hurricane Isaac.

And it's happening!

Meristel went to a hardware store and bought the items to build his roof. He gave Miquette the receipt, seen below. 

Do you see that stamp at the bottom?


We gave the cash to Miquette, and she was the one to actually hand it to Meristel and explain where it had come from. Meristel and Madame Meristel came straight to Ben and I on campus, lavishing on the thanks and praise to God.

In Kreyol, I said: "Mwen te di zanmi mwen avek fanmi mwen nan Estazini ou pa gen tent paske Siklon Isaac. Mwen te ekri yo yon papye. Yo bay mwen kob pou ou. M pral di yo ou di mesi anpil!"

This means (ish): "I told my friends and family in America you don't have a roof because of Hurricane Isaac. I wrote them a paper. They gave me money for you. I will tell them you say thank you very much."

The reason I include the exact words is because I love to laugh at the Kreyol I can come up with. I can get by, but...... how exactly do I explain blogs and Paypal to a person who has likely never used a computer? Instead I tried to say, "I wrote them a letter" but what came out was "I wrote them a paper".

Oh well.

This is Meristel!
He told me to tell you guys this:

"Thank you very, very, very much. God bless you."

I echo his words. It's really amazing, guys. I am so blessed to get to be a middleman on this.

I hope to get a picture when the roof is completed. I have no idea where they live. I'll do my best.

Love, Katie


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