Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fair Trade Favorites!

Oh yall. Danger.

I just found out about

I want everything.

I've always loved the idea of buying Fair Trade products, but let's get real: often the products are ugly, or the websites contain just a few items. Trade As One features hundreds of quality products from  Palestinian olives to Ghanaian chocolate.

For your viewing pleasure..... my favorites.
Bamboo bowl from Vietnam, $33
Divine chocolate sampler from Ghana, $15
The only farmer-owned chocolate company in the world!
Garlic and herb dip mix, $5
Made by women coming out of chronic homelessness and unemployment in inner-city Colorado
Nativity statue in aluminum and bronze from India, $20
Africa coloring book, $10
White dove carved from jacaranda wood in Rwanda, $8
Little Marron the Baby Bear, hand-knitted from alpaca wool in Peru, $7
Quilted mini clutch from India, $14
Set of 6 silvery stars from India, $9
These would be beautiful on a Christmas tree, but would also function well tied to a gift.
Sun-dried Tomato Caper Spread from Palestinian territories, $12

Organic, vegan, gluten free dried Kopali pineapple from Mexico, $4

There is so much more where this came from. Trade As One sells everything from silver tealight holders to globes to barbecue sets to trivets to scarves to toys. There is an entire beauty section I didn't even get to yet. And if you are a coffee or tea drinker... just you wait.

Supporting these businesses directly puts earned income in the hands of our poor brothers and sisters who desire to work and raise their families out poverty.



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  1. Oh man--the Palenstinean oil they have? Amazing.



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