Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Classroom in Haiti

Photos taken last week, with zero staging. You are getting such delightful natural lighting because the power was out. Ha.
 Items on my desk (clockwise from top left): behavior clipboard, SAT vocabulary cartoons, projector remote, SAT and TOEFFL prep books, Marzano's academic vocabulary, an Antigone paper, my planner (complete with blue to-do list on leftover Camp Gap affirmation cards), mosquito zapping wand, hole puncher sitting on Tom Sawyer, digi cam, Ackerman family fundraising DVD, Deep Woods Off mosquito spray, yellow emergency sub folder (six weeks past due date to administration), stack of "little writes", laptop, document to help seniors sign up to absentee vote, English 10 lesson plan binder, keys.
 Secret to success: pulling Popsicle sticks with student names instead of calling on those who raise their hands. Keeps 'em on their toes. Also, that lime green cube is a staple-free stapler. Whoa.
 So what if my map lists ZAIRE (which ceased to exist in 1997) smack in the middle of it? When life gives you lemons... simply cover the mistake with a heart-shaped Post-It.

On the left is my student council calendar area. On the right is a table where I display books to choose from for the month's theme (classics, biographies, etc.). That is also where the college research books live, and the lost & found.
 Classroom library

On the left you can see my wall unit air conditioner. Sometimes I feel my entire life revolves around appeasing the AC gods. In the windows you can see our green bars. Lizards occasionally scamper about on the bars, which delights me but distracts my pupils.
 Homework on the left, SAT vocabulary on the right, and instructions for the next class smack in the middle. If you ever forget your textbook or finish early, you get to read TIME magazine.

The Great Laundry Challenge of 2012 was a competition between the Senior Transitions students to see who could best get our wrinkles and get out stains. I'll post pictures of that soon.

"LW" means "little write", or a one-page handwritten response. "SSR" means "self-selected reading"; one book is due at the end of every month.

And yes, I did add "swag" to the definition of "panache". Trying to speak the kids' language, yo.
Blue words are SAT words from the whole year so far. Lime green words are Marzano's academic vocabulary.  Purple words are.... well, my blue marker ran out. Yellow posters show the 6 + 1 Writing Traits. We're all using that writing method this year.

Can you guess the kids' favorite word so far this year?

Yep, you guessed it.


Love you guys,


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  1. I loved getting a little peek into your classroom. I LOVE IT!!! So neat and organized. Your students are so lucky to have you!!



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