Monday, September 24, 2012


Yesterday I turned 27. Hooray!

This weekend was really special, and as I left school on Friday I was kind of high on life.

Friday morning I teach Senior Transitions class, and this week we've been talking about reproduction and sexual decision making. Friday morning I had a panel of staff members come and receive questions from the 12th graders. Seven brave adults fielded extremely personal inquiries! First question: "So how many of you waited until marriage?"


I think this hour is one of the most valuable of the entire semester. There were a variety of backgrounds represented, with all sorts of choices. God is so faithful to redeem our stories- good, bad, and ugly. Personally, I am so humbled that he would allow me to share my advice and regrets in a way that can bless, warn, and instruct younger kids that I love and want to save from suffering.

We went on through the morning, and then Friday after lunch was the Quisqueya Olympics! This year I'm the student council sponsor, and this was the first student council event of the year. We set up a tournament between secondary classes, with each elementary grade matched with a secondary grade (for example, 3rd and 10th grades were matched together to make the red team).

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades
4th grade is INTENSE about supporting the freshmen
Seniors laugh and cheer
10th grade was undefeated in volleyball

Girls from my discipleship group manning the 11th grade bake sale

DJ Maika, spin that track

For all you teachers out there:

Sometimes you just need to end your workweek with a giant schoolwide "Cupid Shuffle".

The event went swimmingly. It was a delight. I had so much fun, and, better yet, I knew I was having it while the event was still going on.

There were dodgeball, volleyball, and relay race tournaments. In between there was an all-school game of Simon Says.

Good clean fun.

So Friday I came home sweaty, hot, tired, and feeling very satisfied. A great start to a birthday weekend.


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