Sunday, August 26, 2012

Urgent Appeal from Child Hope

Isaac passed Friday night and 48 hours later, still no internet at home. I'm over at another building to update you and pass on word of a need. There is a ministry here, Child Hope, that I respect and love very much. For now, I'll just tell you of one of their ministries: a feeding program for hundreds of kids who live in a tent city down the street. This tent city, 2.5 years post-quake, is teeming with tarps and people. The kids come three times a week for a meal, a children's vitamin, and a safe place to play for a few hours. Bill and Sue Manassero, the couple who run Child Hope, sent out an emergency email yesterday, and you can see it below.
Child Hope feeding program last spring

From Child Hope:

Tropical Storm Isaac hit Port-au-Prince last night in a fury.  Child Hope facilities had minor damage but neighboring tent city residents were devastated. 

Currently, we are housing 30 displaced tent city children.  Many of these children are in our feeding program.  We have also formed a team of older boys from the orphanage to help repair tents.

We found an old woman in a local tent who went into a coma last night during the storm and have taken her to a local hospital.  Her condition is serious. We are taking on her hospital costs.

There are no other organizations helping out at our local tent cities. Child Hope is the only organization providing assistance in this area and, in that Child Hope is not a relief organization, resources are limited.
We do not generally ask for funds but, due to the urgency of this situation, are appealing to you for help in purchasing food, drinking water, blankets, clothing, and for medical funds/supplies and materials to repair tents.  The need is now.  To donate click here.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and assistance.  God bless.

Bill & Susette Manassero

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  1. Doing activities like feeding program can help a lot for poor children. Exposing them to activities like playing and learning at the same time will help ease their situations. Give them time to enjoy for a moment of being a kid. As volunteer it is our way of helping them too.

    Joseph @ volunteer in nepal



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