Thursday, August 23, 2012

Preparing for Isaac

Jefe will wish he had a raincoat
There's a hurricane coming tomorrow. Isaac. The eye should pass over the Dominican border and into Haiti around 2 pm Friday.

We knew about this on Tuesday. We went to the store Wednesday, stocking up on pasta sauce (gas stove!) and making sure we had full 5-gallon drinking water jugs.

Last night, however, many poorer Haitians still had no idea. I told the school guard who I love (and who has five children at home) about the siklon coming and he was unaware. At school today I asked the kitchen ladies if they knew- not yet.

Tonight Ben spoke with the guard, Johnson:
Ben: Eske ou konne genyen yon siklon? Li ap vini demen. (Do you know about the hurricane? It will come tomorrow.)
Johnson: Wi. (Yes.)
Ben: Eske ou te prepare? Ou gen manje avek dlo? (Did you prepare? Do you have food and water?)
Johnson: No paske m pa gen kob. (No because I don't have money.)

Of course we gave him some. Him and the other two guards, and our cleaning lady, who also has five children (not the same family as the guard with five kids). This isn't a story to say we're awesome for handing out $5 bills, but instead to point out that people who listen to the radio, walk around on the busy streets, have steady jobs, and can probably read at least a little somehow did not know about a CAT 1 hurricane coming 24 hours later. How is that? What about all those who are worse off?

We'll be sitting inside, reading TIME magazine and grading papers. 400,000 people are still in tent cities.


P.S. We just wrote a "frequently asked questions" section. You can read it here.


  1. My heart breaks ... I had no idea so many could NOT know. Ah, the things we take for granted ... I'm embarrassed.

  2. Thinking and praying for you guys and your fellow Haitians! -Satt



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