Saturday, June 2, 2012

TeacHaiti Field Day

Last Friday the Quisqueya 9th grade put on a field day for the children of the TeacHaiti School of Hope. The 9th grade developed stations and rotated the 75 children: tug-of war, rainbow parachute, snacks, singing, two playgrounds, water balloons, face painting, tag, and soccer.
This is Berllange. She is three. In Haiti there are three years of kindergarten, so she's one of the youngest children at TeacHaiti School of Hope.

Last summer my friend Belinda heard about TeacHaiti and her heart was touched. She signed up to be a sponsor, and was assigned to Berllange. Now Berllange has a hot, nutritious lunch every day. She's wearing a new uniform, including shoes. She has books and school supplies, plus all her immunizations and visits from medical and dental mission teams.

It's pretty incredible when I think about it. Love moving across the planet that way.

Back to field day.
Relay races
Parachute games with kindergarten
The smiles get me
Jean-Bertrand is sponsored by my friends the Bowlins!
Louna is sponsored by a family from League City, Texas!
Guilene is sponsored by my friends the Henrys!
First grade hanging out after lunch
Tug-of-war. Manoucheka got the full-face treatment at the face painting table!
Kindergarteners line up for hot dogs
Singing "Change My Heart, Oh God", which they learned in English class
Piling on to one of our 9th graders during a fiesty game of tag
Friday was really special. I love my Quisqueya students, and I love the TeacHaiti students. To see them interacting and loving one another was really special.

To the TeacHaiti supporters:

Your donations go to a real child.
With a name.
Who I may have met personally.

They matter.

Thank you.



  1. This post reminded me of the child you sponsor, adorable little Sarah. How is she doing?

    I wish you both a blessed summer. Remember to find time for fun! :)

  2. Sarah is doing really well. She will be in first grade next year and she will be attending the TeacHaiti school so we will see a lot more of her. We have not seen her as much as we would have liked, but that is going to change.

    Thanks for reading! Thanks for commenting!



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