Friday, June 1, 2012

Six Random Thoughts

Six random, unorganized thoughts that are in my mind right now.

You know what I wish I could bottle from Haiti and send to all of you in developed countries?
The heat. The hot, sticky, inescapable, oppressive. The heat that desiccates your body, saps your strength, and leads to irritability. I want you to experience this heat the way I do.

I want you to sit in a concrete box and at the hottest part of the day I want you to shut off all your power. The school is having generator issues and it always- always- happens after lunch, when the sun is most on my classroom windows, when the students are most ready to go home, and when I have the least strength to fight back. I want you to experience sweat every.where. I want you come home from your hot classroom, walk across the hot street and into your hot apartment. Peel off your sweat-soaked clothes and hang them up to air dry before you put them into the dirty clothes because you do not want them to mildew. I want you to coordinate fans around you to circulate air and dry the sweat on your body. Then I want you to get a restless night of sleep because wherever your body lays it is sweating into the sheets. To willfully avoid touching your spouse because they are a heat generator and it is already hot. So hot that even brushing ankles in the night feels like your legs might spontaneously combust from the added heat.

It Is All in Your Head.
There is a woman who helps out at my school who has been in Haiti for around 30 years. She said that every May people will wipe sweat off of them and say, "I do not remember it being this hot last May." She will tell you it was this hot last May. It is hot every May, June, July, August, and September. She told me this not knowing about the above rant. She has had nearly 30 Mays in Haiti... but really, was it this hot last year?

You Tracking With That?
I started the school year without a group of high school boys to mentor. I was really upset about this. I considered it one of the many super-important things that only I could do correctly. Fast forward to May and I was given the group of a leader who had to step away from work. It was awesome to talk with and pray for young men again. We ended our year together bonding only the way that guys can. We ate pizza and listened to a Matt Chandler podcast.

In 2007 Matt Chandler did three sermons on biblical masculinity. I played them the first one. Huge success. There is something about Matt's fluctuating volume, sense of humor, and use of the phrase, "You tracking with that?" that young people love. Combine it with a pizza with five different kinds of meat, and you have a recipe for male discipleship success.

It is closing time here at QCS. Not for good, just for this school year.  I could not be more pleased with the way the year ended. This crop of seniors were a unique bunch they have certainly made teaching interesting. Many universities in the US, Canada, and France are getting a good group of freshmen.

Homeward Bound
As I am typing this there are 11 days until I am in Dallas. I have the job of my dreams right now. However, one of the reasons it is my dream job is because I have a built-in break. This summer we have six weeks off and we will spend nearly all of it is sunny, scenic Dallas, Texas. I have a summer to-do list on my computer. I hope to accomplish all of the things on it. However, most of the things are food related... so I should probably add P90X, Cross Fit or at least jogging to the list (might be "yogging", I am not sure if it's a soft J).

My Reading List
I am reading Generous Justice by Tim Keller. The book is small, but very dense, like most of Keller's writing. His reasoning for justice, mercy, and the application of how to love mercy and to do justice are outstanding. However the book will cause you some uncomfortable moments. Even though I live in Haiti (or especially because I live in Haiti) I do not consider charity and mercy towards the poor something that I have accomplished. Keller's book has urged my to reconsider how I live some areas of my life. This book, paired with When Helping Hurts, would make a good introduction on how to effectively minister to those who are less fortunate than you in a way that is life-giving.


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