Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blackberrys, Alpacas, and the King of Siam

We're done with the school year.


I proctored finals and graded all week. When proctoring an exam, all backpacks must be against the wall, and all electronic devices must be on the teacher's desk.

I laughed to myself at this sight:
Proof that Haiti has a middle class

Then, the mail came early! And there was a giant box of books from Debbie, my mom's friend and college roommate.
Thank you, thank you, Debbie!
Fun fact: Debbie's great aunt wrote Anna and the King of Siam, the novel that inspired the broadway musical The King and I as well as Anna and the King, the recent movie with Jodie Foster. Debbie's great aunt was a missionary in Siam, and she sent a beautiful copy of that book for my classroom library.

Other fun fact: Debbie has a great blog. She reads. She gardens. She knits. She shears alpacas.

This week we are working in our classrooms, cleaning and putting away the detritus of another school year.

Saturday will be busy: a funeral, graduation, and prom.

We fly back to the √Čtats-Unis on Sunday. 


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  1. Glad that the books made it to your classroom without a hitch. Don't eat all the Sweetarts in one sitting!



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