Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yesterday Sucked

Yesterday was one of those days.

We had a full day of things to do (naturally). B and I woke up early to do grocery shopping at the "nice store" up in Petionville, which is the only store in the country I think that sells fresh jalapenos. I needed those to make a huge batch of salsa, because it was Cinco de Mayo and we were having some people over for dinner.

The ride to the store and back, though it's only a few miles, took over an hour. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper. We don't have AC in our car; the windows must be open. It seemed that every giant dump truck in the city was directly in front of us, belching black clouds of smog into my open window. I got nauseous. I got a headache. We sweated through our clothes.

I was feeling sick, so Ben very lovingly offered to do the next errand alone: taking the dog to the vet for his rabies shot.

Ben got all the way to the vet's office (another 30 minute, 3 mile drive), and then realized he had left Jefe's shot record on our kitchen counter. This is the document that the vet needed to stamp so we can get Jefe into American when we come home for the summer. Ugh. Now we have to go back again, and we can never get the vet to answer phone or emails.

A few moments later, Jefe had had his shot and was very unhappy about it. Ben prepared to drive home. The car wouldn't start.

Ben called our trusty mechanic friend Piedens. He said he was happy to come help Ben, as soon as he was finished with his current job.

In five hours.

Meanwhile the dog got sick and vomited in his brand new doggie carrier. Ben and Jefe sat outside in 100 degree, car-fume haze. He called me and we literally begged God that the car would start. He got ahold of our friend Robbie, who said he would try to get a school vehicle key and come get Ben in about thirty minutes. Just before Robbie was to arrive, the car started.

Ben and Jefe arrived back home, both a sweaty and upset mess. I got out of bed, still feeling sick, and cleaned up the vomit chunks out of the dog carrier, while Ben started cooking. Remember, we're supposed to be having a big dinner in just a few hours' time.

Then Ben realized he had forgotten a key ingredient in the dinner. He had to get out in the heat, again, but this time he had to walk to the grocery store, since our car was kaput.

We made salsa, prepped the dinner, cleaned the house, and showered. The house was getting really hot, but at least we had EdH (city power), so our AC wall unit was on, keeping things close to ok.

Then the city power went out.

Then Ben opened the fridge and a glass bottle fell out of the door, smashing and spreading all over the kitchen floor.

It was fish oil.

Like, the Thai food ingredient that we bought but never used because it is the nastiest smell possible. It's fish guts soaked in oil.

We mopped it three times: once with water, once with Haitian cleaning product, and once with straight up bleach. Bleach. Also, there are glass shivers stuck all in our tile, because our grout is mostly gone, so the dog had be to put up. So the soundtrack to our trying-not-to-gag mopping adventure is a 5-pound dog howling.

The house smells so bad we have to open every window and door. It's now one hour until party time.  Because the doors and windows are open, the house becomes the same temperature as outdoors.

I light a pack of 20 tealights that were in our "emergency stash", because they are vanilla scented. They all blow out due to the three fans we had turned on.

Friends start arriving. I wasn't ready- my hair was in a wet bun.

By some miracle of heaven, the power came back on.
Us, finally smiling, posing with our "ugly chic" homemade pinata
Asher contemplates the pinata. He's not so into pinata-ing.
Anna, as next youngest, gets to smash it
We always knew he was an ass.

When your day sucked, one of the best cures is time with friends. We had trouble having fun, because we were so frazzled from the day.

The rest of the evening was a blur. At about 11 pm, I realized two things:
1) I never ate dinner, and
2) I never put on a bra.



Happy Cinco.



  1. I'm so sorry your day sucked :( On the bright side, however, your blog entry made me laugh til tears ran down my face....

    Love you all, even little vomiting Jefe.

  2. Great blog for a not so great day!

  3. I am just laughing!!! :) Sorry you had a bad day. I hate it when that happens.



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