Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Lurve My Chickens

This is my discipleship group.
I have lunch with them every Wednesday.
I lurve them.
My belurveds in my classroom this afternoon. One little chicken is missing here.
I call them my little chickens.
They call me Mama Poul.
(Mama Chicken)

Oh how I love them!

Only one more Wednesday left in this school year.

Two little chickens are flying the coop,
heading off for college in Canada and France.
A very long way away for a little chicken to fly!

Sigh. That's the worst part of being a Mama Poul.

Here in Haiti everybody greets each other with a cheek kiss. The most Frenchified go for two cheeks.

In the morning every arriving student goes around kissing every other student's check- dozens and dozens of greetings!

None of the students kiss me in the morning.

Except my chickens :)

That's the best part of being a Mama Poul.

Oh how I love them; Oh how I pray for them.  God has given me this love. They're just regular girls. Full of crazy. Sometimes they lie to me, manipulate me, skip my meetings or cheat in my classes. But I'm just crazy about them. I think God gave me this love. It isn't human.

Will you pray for my chickens? Anais, Sasha, Axel, Christina, Krystelle, Virgloty, and Valerie.


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