Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Church

We go to a house church here in Haiti. It meets in the headquarters of World Relief, an American NGO. The building is a giant pink and white palace.
Watching our "pastor" on a projector
Snack time upstairs
Ben chatting with Jodie
Muffins and Le Nouvelliste
The congregation :)
Our worship team. I particularly love our percussion setup.
Our house church was formed last year in the Whites' home. Then this year the Whites went on sabbatical and we moved to World Relief. Next year we're moving again since the WR family is leaving.

We used to sing along with worship DVDs, but now we have Josiah and Jarrett to play for us. We listen to various sermons from guys like Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler, Tim Keller, and others.

Cool things about a tiny house church:
  1. We rotate bringing breakfast so there's always yummy food for all.
  2. Due to our small size we can have a group discussion after the sermon.
  3. Some people bring tithe money and then we vote on who to give it to.
So that's where I am on Sundays!


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