Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Haitian Horses

Ranch le Montcel, Belot, Haiti
A few weeks back I joined the Quisqueya 11th grade retreat at Le Montcel, in the town of Belot, about 14 kilometers up the mountain from Port-au-Prince.

Le Montcel's greatest feature is the verdant green pastures, complete with animals sauntering nearby.

You may know I'm from Texas, but don't get the wrong idea- I'm a city mouse, not a country mouse. Born and raised in Dallas, land of malls and toll roads.

I went on a walk around the ranch with my friend Brittany and her two toddlers. Le Montcel's horses were shrouded in mist, and a baby horse shyly and warily let me come closer.
Brit shows the horse to her boys
Baby and mama


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