Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chickens at the Beach

My discipleship group went to the beach a few weeks back along with my pal Brittany's group. One of the girls' families has a home on the beach just a little over an hour from Port-au-Prince.

Take your right hand and make a backwards "c". That's what Haiti looks like. Now, right there in the squishy part where your thumb meets your pointer finger, that's Port-au-Prince. It's a big, dirty city build to accommodate 300,000 that now smashes in over 4,000,000 people. It's smack in a bowl of a valley. There is a brown haze over the city.

People in the middle and upper classes go to the beach when they can, along the beautiful coastline around the bottom of your  pointer finger, just north of PAP. The air is clear, and the beach is just as beautiful as when Captain Morgan and his fellow pirates used to hide booty here. Some very large families even own beach homes. And, luckily, I scored one of those kiddos in my discipleship group.

So we went. The family hosting us was incredibly gracious. I loved hearing their stories of life in Haiti and all they've gone through raising a family here. I enjoyed the heck out of hot showers and tropical fruit juices. Haitian cherry juice is the most delicious drink I've ever had. There was peace.

Ben was in the Dominican with the Quisqueya basketball team, so I just got to pour into my girls and look at the ocean.  
Brittany (holding her son Isaiah), the girls, and me
Brittany plus her husband, two boys, and the youngest daughter of our host
Brit's son Asher loves to hang out with the ladies
Me, very sunburned, relaxing with Isaiah in the hammock
We had three group talks with worship and prayer, plus a one-on-one chat with each student. Those talks were my favorite part.

Love my chickens.


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