Wednesday, May 2, 2012


When competing internationally, Haiti does not often have a champion. Haiti has never won an Olympic Gold medal. It has not won any Olympic medal since 1928. Their soccer team has only made the World Cup once, in 1974.

Quisqueya Christian School took their basketball team to the Dominican Republic to play in a tournament at the end of April. We were hosted by the awesome people at Santiago Christian School. The Santiago tournament featured 8 teams: 7 Dominican teams plus 1 Haitian.

I am not an unbiased observer. I am something of an assistant coach/water-boy. I clearly have a rooting interest. However, I believe I am being honest when I say that the QCS Eagles owned that tournament.

We won our group play and then faced two more teams in the playoffs. And. We. Won. Every. Game.
I could tell you about how we won most games by more than 20 points. About how the Eagles played a better transition game than the other teams, or how the Eagles out-rebounded them. I could tell you about how our seniors showed tremendous leadership. But, I would rather tell you about how the players were viewed by their opponents.

We played Santiago Christian School first and beat them handily. They have a new coach and some inexperienced players, but they are building a great team. The game was a near blow out, but after the game their coach was complimentary of our team. "Gentlemen" was the word he used to describe them. He praised the team for not trash-talking. "Business-like" was his other comment. He said our players were not showing off, or rubbing the victory in the face of his players. After that game the Santiago coach and their players were giving us scouting reports on the other Dominican schools we would be facing. Our players' character had won them over.

I have taken for granted the type of young men our players are. However, I can imagine what type of players his team faces. Despite the fact that (or maybe because) the Quisqueya Eagles are undefeated, we regularly face teams that have a player who runs his trap. The fans of the other teams constantly harass our players.
I cannot take any credit for any of the positive attributes of the team, remember. I am the assistant coach/water boy. The players, however, feed of the example that their coach sets. Art does a masterful job of developing their athletic skills while molding them and shaping them to become solid men. He always has a John Wooden quote to share with them.
Coach Art and his wife Miquette
Haiti now has an international champion. But more than that, they have future leaders who are being groomed to be gentlemen who won't exploit their success. That is something Haiti needs, more than an Olympic medal or World Cup.


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  1. You all made Jesus, QCS, Haiti, and your Mommas proud! Great work! Go team!



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