Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anpil Liv Yo!

My teacher made me take this picture.
Translation: Many books!

Fridays are my favorite. Mail comes in once a week on a little old plane from Florida. It's in our mailboxes by Friday at lunchtime, and we teachers sit at the picnic tables and rip open envelopes or cardboard.

My fellow teacher Amber's mom DVRs television, burns the shows to DVDs, and drops those in the mail. Josiah recently got a mandolin out of customs. Next door neighbor Jill has discovered Etsy.

Another friend recently had the awkward experience of receiving a hot pink package labeled "Victoria's Secret". She begged us all to believe it was a swimsuit :)
My students ask where they come from. I say my friends are sending them.

Their response: "Why!?" They can't believe it.

Thanks for loving them. Pray for them- so much growth this year, and so far still to go.


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