Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your Books Have Arrived!

A few days back I asked on this blog for a generous volunteer or two to buy three books I'd been wanting to add to my classroom library.

Little did I know.
Amazon and I are on a first-name basis
Instead, probably about fifteen people emailed, most of them offering to buy all three. I got a few copies of the original three books, and then started racking my brain for more titles. I suggested some classics, some hardback copies of paperbacks in my room that are falling apart, and then went on Amazon to see the "other recommended titles" of the most popular books my kids like.

We get mail each Friday here. Quisqueya has an address in Florida, and we pay an annual fee to be subscribed to Missionary Flights International. MFI owns a plane and flies missionary mail all over the Caribbean once a week.

I look forward to Friday afternoon like Kindergarteners look forward to Christmas.

Confession: I have recently subscribed to several catalogs, or, as I like to call them, "free magazines". Let's be real: add up Pottery Barn, Ballard, and West Elm catalogs and you've basically got yourself a House Beautiful or something.

But I digress. So this Friday and last I excitedly lugged a large tower of cardboard back to my classroom. I allowed my sixth period sophomore English class to open the packages. Presents!
 And this was just yesterday's haul, not even including last week's.

Every single book from last week, of which there were probably eight, is already checked out and being read.

One 10th grade girl nearly fell out of her chair yesterday as the package containing Tim Keller's The Meaning of Marriage was opened: "Missmissmissmiss pleasepleaseplease can I have it pleasepleaseplease!!".

Here's the point:

1) I have very generous friends. You guys have big hearts. I'm so touched.

2) My students really want to read, when they're interested. Even books about marriage; no lie, I got four copies of that Tim Keller book and all four are currently being read by 16-year-old Haitian girls.

3) These books are valuable. They are historical, spiritual, literary, intellectual, thoughtful texts that tell stories as varied as climbing Mt. Everest and overcoming depression, but they all have one thing in common: they are thought-provoking and edifying.

There is no greater way to serve these kids than to teach them how to think deeply and pursue truth about the ultimate questions of life. 
We love our new books! And we are silly.
So thank you. From Anna, Natasha, Anais, Randolph, Raphael, Virgloty, Mark, Kevin, Chafika, Taressa, Gael, Sam, Laura, Chiara, Vienna, Laryssa, Josue, Axel, Loic, Pierre Erick, Louis Daniel, Biderka, Sarah............ and many more.


PS If you're still interested, I've made a large wish list now. Email me at for our Florida mailing address.

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