Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Came Off My Camera Phone, April Edition

Leetle Jefe is getting beeeger.
 In the last month, we have lost three sophomores from QCS. It's depressing. Two departures had no advanced warning- at school one day, and then the next we got news they weren't returning. But one student had a planned relocation, so we got to have a surprise party for her.
Check out that incredible goodbye cake!
 Ben spoke in chapel. He was so brave and really opened up to the students about some painful things in his past. The kids were very moved and many came to talk to him later, saying "me too."
 Jefe talked me into reading The Hunger Games. I read three books in three days. As you can imagine.... my lesson plans were a bit skimpy those days.
 And, continuing the puppy theme: here's me and Jef every morning circa 5:50 am. I read, he snuggles in my lap. It's my favorite half-hour of the day, I think.
 This last one is the work of a Haitian graffiti artist, Jezzy.

And, we are in Washington DC right now! We landed last night. Much more to come on that. We are grateful for a tiring, but uneventful, travel day.

Love, Katie

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