Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shameless Request for Books

I don't know if I've done this before. I want to ask for something. People say things sometimes like, "let me know if you need anything," but in the South that's kind of a formality... or is it?

Here goes.

I would somebody to buy these three books. I'll read them, and after that, they'll go into my high school classroom library. I have 75 high school students, and I make them read a book a month (I'm so mean!), most of which come from this classroom library. I really like to give them interesting and meaningful books to marinate.

Here are the three books:

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

Anybody interested? If you are, let me know and I'll send you our address. We have a PO box in Florida through an organization that flies mail to Caribbean missionaries once a week, so it's just domestic normal shipping.

Shpanks, friends.


And ps, while you're at it: go buy yourself or a lady in your life this cute, CUTE little $19 burlap clutch purse that benefits 147 Million Orphans.


  1. We got two copies of Keller's Meaning of Marriage book for Christmas....we can send ya one! I'm pretty sure I have your address, but I'll email ya!

  2. I would be glad to purchase the other two books and send them. Just let me know.



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