Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Haiti in Washington 2012, Part 1

This past week we took 13 Quisqueya high school kids to Washington, DC!
Washington monument
World War II monument
Vietnam memorial
Library of Congress
Supreme Court
"Follow the leader" outside the Capitol
Sizzling fajitas
About to taste his first fajita
National Zoo
Mimi ni binti wa Simba.
The trip was incredible. The kids were well-behaved, fun, responsible, and positive. I loved learning through their eyes. Watching them encounter things for the first time- the Holocaust Museum, pad thai eaten with chopsticks, the Metro- was so special.

Read part 2 here


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  1. I am totally wondering how you managed visas for all of those youth. Is there something the rest of us are missing? Please clue me in. Please. mail@betterlifeinternational.org
    Any help is really appreciated.



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