Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Haps This Week

Jefe assisting our house guest, Luke, in filling out his March Madness bracket
On Friday night I had a sleepover with the girls in my discipleship group. We joined together with my friend Brittany's group for a night of pizza, journaling, Mexican Train dominoes, cookie dough, and playing with Brittany's two babies. It was highly educational for the girls- they had to make their own pizzas, learn to dip dishes in bleach water, and survive a night with no power or water. A bucket bath? Alas!

Saturday morning we had a friend come to stay for the weekend- Luke Lamar is a Baylor grad whose brother married my friend Aubrie. He is here in Haiti for a month working outside of Port-au-Prince, and he's staying with Ben and I to see this area. Yesterday we visited TeacHaiti and cheered on Quisqueya high school boys at a basketball game (another victory- undefeated!).

Today we tramped to our little house church with no name. A great sermon by Dallas Willard (we watch videos). Ben and I testified to the greatness of the Ackermans on camera for a little video that is being made about them to assist in fundraising for John's clinic and other ministries.

Next weekend Ben will be hiking up to the Haitian pine forests of Seguin with the senior class.

In three weeks we will be rangling up a group of 13 teenagers and jetting off for Washington, DC for a history trip. Last year I was quaking in my boots about taking a dozen-plus children to a foreign country for a week, but this year? De ninguna manera. No sweat.

Don't get me wrong- I'm still obsessively printing out Google Maps of every site we'll visit (noting all La Madeleines, of course!) and highlighting Metro timetables, but it's with an entirely different spirit that I prepare.

And all along, of course, there's Jefe :) He braved the evil that is bathtime for the first time tonight, with only a minimal amount of attempting to leap out of the sink. I took him outside in a towel, shaking mightily, and sat with him in the sun until he dried. He's ten weeks old now, and getting closer to making it through the night.

This week: begin Our Town with 11th grade, continue My Name is Asher Lev with 10th, and start Russia with World Cultures class.



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