Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's in Haiti

A little tour of the room in which I spent most of my day:
My desk. When students complain, they get to stand and read the "don't make excuses, make improvements" poster. And yes, that's a panoramic of Baylor.

Little high school library is growing. Organized by color, natch.
Insert joke about me and TIME magazine here.
 On the left are the assignments for my four classes: world cultures, advanced literature, sophomore English, and American literature. On the right are the SAT words of the week. This week's words: circumspect, abstract, defunct, and succinct. On the floor are outside reading books that have been turned in in the past two weeks.
This side table is home to SAT prep books, Surrealist art, and photos of last semester.
Valentine's Day at Quisqueya was fun. The Student Council decorated the hallways. The senior class sold roses and serenades as well as "non uniform" passes to dress in red or pink.
The ladies' room. On the right is my classroom.
These four pictures capture the entire high school!

Five classrooms.

Around 90 lockers.

My whole Haiti world.


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  1. The line insert joke about me and TIME magazine here reminds me of something that appeared in our weekly pseudo-newspaper: "Subhead goes here, about 3 lines." The difference is, yours was intentional!

    Love the color-coded library!

    (e-friend of Ruth's)



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