Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jefe Comes Home!

Jefe has arrived! Yesterday at the end of school he came to live with us for good. His first day was rough- didn't eat or drink anything, plus cried for a good two hours last night. However, day was much better. He played, ate, and went to the bathroom outside once. We'll consider that a victory.
Napping with dad
Loves his puppy bed
 We are going to try a different approach tonight and put his bed on a chair, so he's right up close to our bed, instead of the kennel on the floor. We'll see if that leads to less howling.

We feel like this is a big step in our marriage! Our first dog. Our goal for last night was, no matter how irritated we got, to not snap at each other. I struggled: at one point (round about 1 a.m.) the dog had quieted down, only to start wailing again when Ben rolled over and made noise. I wanted to huff. But patience! Patience. Trying.

We took him to a Valentine's get-together tonight. He watched some on-campus teacher friends eat cookies and play Uno (French rules Uno... confusing). He got snuggled by everybody.

Mwen renmen ti chien mwen :) I love my little dog!

Please, please, go the H to sleep tonight. 



  1. So excited for yall! Just a thought... we did this with our new puppy, Gracie.... we put a heating pad on low/medium under a towel on top of her bed. She loooooved the warmth (We've heard it reminds them of their litter.) It will get much better every night! I think your goal is genius! :) Good Luck

  2. What a peanut. Thank God their childhood lasts about 1 year, and that their potty training takes about 1 month, and that their problem with sleeping alone lasts about 1 week. And.. dog obedience school is way, way cheaper than Baylor.

  3. How cute!!! Precious jefe!

  4. Thanks for sharing the dog last night! So cute and fun to hold.

  5. Just precious!! So happy for you guys.



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