Monday, January 2, 2012

Vivan Los Novios!

A week ago we traveled to Madrid, Spain for the wedding of Sergio and Sarah!

If you're saying "What the heck? They went to Spain?!", then read here.
For the first post about our trip (all the photos except the wedding), read "Christmas in Espana" here.

Sarah is my dear friend from Baylor. We were sorority sisters and neighbors, and she was one of my bridesmaids three years ago. She moved to Spain after graduation and has lived there ever since. She met Sergio, who is Spanish, through mutual friends, and I got to meet him last summer when he visited her hometown of New Orleans for an engagement party. He is precious, sweet, funny, and loves Sarah dearly.

They were married at St. George's, and the ceremony was in English and Spanish. Sergio works with the Spanish National Police, hence the uniform.

After the noon ceremony, we were treated to not one, but two cocktail hours (one outside, one inside) and then a three-hour seated supper of at least five courses. There was caviar on the salad, champagne sorbet between courses, and a "second dinner" after several hours of dancing. To say that we were blown away would be an understatement. Un. real.

We walked into the ceremony at noon, and walked into our hotel room at midnight. Madrid, I like your style.
The groom anticipating the bride...
Sergio's mom. We were all jealous of her headpiece.
Dream veil.
Incredible reception venue. Every table was named for a city Sergio and Sarah have visited together- this one is Houston.
Toasts and laughs all around. There were people from 13 countries at the wedding!
Sic 'em, Bears! Dear Baylor friends.

Sarah and Sergio, I wish you not only every happiness, but a marriage grounded on our good God.

Vivan los novios!!



  1. I love you, Kilpatricks! Thank you so much for this beautiful blog entry AND for flying across the pond to celebrate our wedding! We pray we get to return the favor soon and come visit our favorite Texan-Haitians. Oh yeah, and thank you for RULING!!!! Love, Smiller



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