Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Family is Growing...

Ben and I are pretty ecstatic to announce that a new addition will be joining our twosome....

and he is furry, brown, and weighs one pound.

We are getting a puppy! Our friend and colleague at Quisqueya is Miguel, who teaches Spanish and is from the Dominican Republic. Miguel's chihuahua had four healthy puppies on December 31st, and we are going to be welcoming home the only little boy. He will come home around Valentine's Day. Miguel told us just yesterday that our puppy is the mother's favorite- he's always allowed to eat first. Hm.

So I've been researching how to get a puppy on an American Airlines plane and through Customs & Border Patrol from Haiti. We've found a collar and leash here, but we're ordering things like a harness (this puppy will be too tiny to be pulled just by a collar), Nutrical (apparently small puppies require this supplement?!), heartworm meds, and an ID tag. Try explaining to an online retailer that the phone number you want engraved on the ID tag is NOT an error- it really does have 8 digits (as all Haitian numbers do). Or imagine this conversation: I ask a friend which vets are nearby, and she responds, "Well, Dr. ____ is great. But I think he may only do goats."

Miguel has taken some pictures, and I'll post one as soon as we get a copy. We are so excited. A step toward parenthood?



  1. Hey Katie! FYI, Nutrical is just to feed tiny dogs a little extra sugar because they are prone to low blood sugar. But you should definitely use it sparingly. We used it with Izzy but for less than a year, just when she didn't have the energy she should. So just FYI, he should be fine without it but it's good to have on hand occasionally! Have fun with your puppy when you get him, can't wait to see pictures!

  2. You know for one second there I was all excited about getting to call your Momma "Grandma". I may still do that. A puppy is like a first grandchild right?

  3. Goats! That's hilarious! Congratulations! For us, puppies were definitely a step towards parenthood.

  4. Dec 31, woohoo, you can claim a deduction.

  5. Ok so it's a hairy grandchild. We'll adapt :)

  6. Congratulations to the "expectant" parents! :)

    When we got our cat we gave my mom a picture of her grandcat in a nice, pretty frame. Years later my mom STILL has it on her dresser - along with pictures of all her more "normal" grandchildren! :)



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