Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Jefe!

I'm pleased to introduce you to our new addition :)
This is Jefe! He is a chihuahua, and is coming home to live with us just after Valentine's Day. He was born on New Year's Eve. His mom and dad belong to a colleague of ours at Quiqueya, Miguel. Miguel's family is Dominican, so we chose a Spanish name as a nod to that.

"El Jefe" (pronounced with an "h" sound like "HEH-fay" means "the boss" or "the chief" in Spanish. We think it's hilarious. His full name is Jefferson, after our third president.
Jefe with his three sisters.
We can't wait to bring him home!



  1. Oh!!!!! I can smell that puppy smell from here.

  2. You'll be great parents :) Can't wait to meet little Jefe. Hope he potty trains quickly....and doesn't mind his bossy Aunt Libby too much!

  3. Yayyyy for Jefe!!!! He's the cutest!

  4. OMG Jefe and Gray will only be 1.5 months a part! They'll be BBF's!!!



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