Sunday, December 4, 2011

Watching 4-Year-Olds Do Laundry by Hand

Our delightful view for a large portion of a two-hour drive through the city.
"What Ben Did Last Friday Night".
Mud football. Ellos san locos.
 The week before Thanksgiving we visited TeacHaiti School of Hope. It was a Saturday; no kids were in class. I just love this place so much. This was in the first grade classroom- practicing numbers.
 In the fifth grade classroom, the students' birthdays were listed on a poster. I spotted one special birthday- Woodjina, my parents' sponsored child!

Miquette says most TeacHaiti kids don't know their birthdays. I asked if it was a lack of birth certificates; she said no. She said most poor parents don't tell their children their birthdays, because then the children won't feel the sting of having birthdays with no presents.
 I always like seeing what's left on the board at the end of the week. Learning French words and geometrical shapes.
 Ben was quite excited by the playthings in the Kindergarten room.
 Ti chat.
 Next door to the TeacHaiti School of Hope there is an orphanage. We walked down the stairs and found all the tiny kids doing their own laundry by hand.
 They were none too sad to have a laundry break and play with Ben.
 This little boy said he wanted to show me his ninja pose. How did I know the Kreyol word for ninja?

Well... it's "ninja".
 This little girl sticks out to me every time we visit. I think she is so beautiful and full of life.


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