Monday, December 5, 2011

thank you for telling me no


i love them

sasha, virgloty, axel, christina, krystelle, anais, valerie

(if you want to say them like a haitian,
put the emphasis on the last syllable..

"chris-ti-NA"    "sa-SHA"

you will find us thursdays at three
  • centering prayer
  • reading
  • experimenting
    (last week we washed feet)
  • praying for each other

dear god,
thank you for letting me do this
i thought i wanted to do a set of things- i had a five-year plan
you threw it out the window and brought me to haiti
and then 12 days later there was an earthquake.

but, this is exactly the job you made me for
all along
i'm convinced
it's just what i was looking for:
"the place where [my] great joy and the world's great hunger meet"

thanks for not letting me do what i thought i wanted
and for this instead

thank you for these seven girls

please, please, please teach me how to love them like you love me



  1. yep . i love this! i feel the same way about not getting pregnant when I wanted to. god had BIGGER plans! love you girl & what you are doing! praying for you!



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