Monday, December 12, 2011

Chalk = Nail Polish, or TeacHaiti Art Day

 On Saturday before Thanksgiving we went to TeacHaiti to see their weekend art program. The kids paint, make jewelry, and have even learned woodcarving.

They call a bead a "gren", like "grain" in English. That makes sense conceptually to me- a bead, a grain, like an individual grain of salt. I love it when Kreyol and English work like that.
Rolling beads

I have no beadmaking talent; I do this instead.
Touching Ben's "syrup hair"
QCS music teacher Katie Zook shows off her creation
Ben's sis Taylor gets in on the bead-making
I was playing with some little girls. I had on red nail polish. They looked around the discovered that purple chalk can give a similar effect.
Beads drying in the sun. A boy named Enoch, probably about sixth grade, was "monsieur quality control" of the bead-making. He was marching around, very protectively, correcting everyone else's beads.


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