Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bracelets on Sale - 100% Proceeds to TeacHaiti!

Friends! We're back from Spain.

Our friends at (a site like Groupon for kid & mom stuff)
are selling TeacHaiti bracelets, made by the kids themselves.

100% of the proceeds to go the TeacHaiti program, putting money aside for a college fund.

Want to see pics of exactly how the jewelry is made?
Want to see a rather bossy small boy named Enoch run quality control all over a bunch of adults?
Yeah you do.
If so, read here about the TeacHaiti art day we visited.

To buy a bracelet, go here to visit BitsyBug's website. You'll be benefitting them:
or any one of them:


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  1. We are soon to be between assignments and will be taking advantage of that opportunity to highlight some other people's work in Haiti. We would love to do a post about you and/or your organization. Let me know if there's anything specific you would like highlighted.



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