Sunday, November 13, 2011

Measles and Typhoid and Houseguests, Oh My

The latest:

I got to see God work on Tuesday. Within a few days two girls came in (separately) to my classroom to tell me about the fight they were having (with each other). Both were just spewing hurt feelings. I suggested talking it out with an adult, but both thought it wouldn't work. The issue came to a head because both girls were supposed to be in my discipleship group. I told them both that we were going to have a sit-down talk with Mrs. Pruitt (Irene, a great on-campus friend and our amazing guidance counselor), and if either of them refused to at least try to reconcile then she would have to be the one to switch to another discipleship group.

On Tuesday the two girls met with Irene and I, and all I have to say is, God worked. In less than 55 minutes, these extremely angry girls went from hostility to understanding. Irene was amazing. She used all sorts of communication tricksies and somehow... they went along. By the end, they were reflective listening, using their "I statements", and even apologizing to and forgiving each other for pieces of the conflict. So now the argument has cooled. Nobody's best friends again, and one chose to switch discipleship groups anyway, but there is peace.

My childhood friend Amanda came to be our houseguest this weekend. Amanda works in Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake. She and I (and Ben) grew up in the same church, attending all the same choir tours, Disciple Nows, etc. Now she's here! Small world. Leogane is very rural and she has a far more limited set of comforts than I do- no grocery stores, never any warm water, no walking down the street to the bakery. Ben and I took her to Eagle market, and she practically burst with joy as she placed butter and cereal in her basket ("there are options other than corn flakes!!!).

We're taking a two-week intensive set of Kreyol lessons starting tomorrow. Two hours a day.

Discipleship groups started at Quisqueya! I have seven  girls: Anais, Sasha, Valerie, Virg-loty, Krystelle, Axel, and Christina. Four are with me again from last year, and three are new. We've met twice now. They want to grow. They've got questions. They've all "tasted and seen" relationship with God, and want more. Me too.

Prayer requests and upcoming events:

1) Several families at Quisqueya are here with Christian Service International, and the CSI headquarters were robbed Thursday night in a very scary way. There was a mission team staying at the house that night, visiting from the States. Ugh. Ugh.

2) One of my students has the measles. She's in 11th grade and has a 9th grade sister. Not all of our students and staff are immunized. There is also a typhoid outbreak currently at the JPHRO house, which is the organization where two of my house church friends work/live. Suzanna got typhoid, even after being vaccinated. Ugh.

3) One of my students has to leave the country for several weeks, basically to go watch her grandparent die. I grieve for her, and her mom, and all the other issues in her life.

4) Ben's sister Taylor is coming next week to visit! We've been excitedly anticipating this for quite some time. We got our living room all set up as a guest suite, complete with curtains across the entrance to provide a little privacy :)

5) Thanksgiving in Haiti. Many of our house church friends and fellow teacher friends are going on a trip to Port Salut, but we declined to join. We're planning a group meal with other friends and are so excited. Last year's Thanksgiving was such a blessing- God provided a family environment and we didn't feel sorry for ourselves at all for being away from Texas.

6) For TeacHaiti! Several of you back home have said you've recently received your sponsorship packets, with you little buddy's picture and story! I'm so excited and am compiling lists of kids to look for/meet the next time I go to TeacHaiti (which will probably be next weekend). TeacHaiti successfully expanded this year from 1st-4th grade to K-5th at their School of Hope.


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  1. What kind of Kreyol course are you taking? Is it a program?
    I am looking into how to learn Kreyol so when I return to Haiti I am better prepared.



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